In this series, referencing Roman Mythology; I associate immigrants with god Janus, divinity of the transition, often portrayed with two faces, one looking towards the past and the other looking towards the future. Therefore, I sculpted two-faced portraits. The portraits in the pieces are present day immigrants who have bought fake documents in order to immerse into U.S. economy. I utilized their DNA, in some cases, the black letters are made out of their own hair and in other cases the colors are watercolor or acrylic paint mixed with their saliva. Creating a first hand connection in this tangible objects with the immigrants in this country. Besides the DNA, the materials used in this ID pieces are supplies often used by immigrant labor such as construction workers. (wood, graphite, metal, epoxy glue, etc.)

​© 2021 by Rodrigo Lara Zendejas

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Departed Justice II (front view)

2015 Graphite, plywood, water color, metal and porcelain 41 x 46 x 12 in Photo by Mary Lou Saxon