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Mourning Portrayal

This installation commemorates those individuals who disappeared during the massacre. The work is based on a photograph taken the morning after the catastrophic event at Plaza de las Tres Culturas. For me, this particular photograph has a greater impact than those explicitly depicting the massacre itself. Discarded shoes and personal belongings signify a connection with the victims without gruesomely displaying their final moments. Garments and shoes like these can be found around the world at memorials dedicated to tragedy and genocide. The rearranged composition and negative spaces between the different elements of Mourning Portrayal encourage the viewer to think about these kinds of horrific spectacles that continue to affect us all on different scales. Throughout the world, groups of people are still segregated, they disappear, or are branded by stereotypes for countless political reasons. When rising up to voice and express discomfort, difference, or defiance we often still find ourselves threatened by those in charge.

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